Journal of New Writing in Health and Social Care (Vol 2 Issue 1)

Volume 2 Issue 1 - November 2015


ISSN 2057-2921 (Online)
ISSN 2057-2913 (Print)

Aims and Scope

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Research Articles

Edward Tolhurst

The Experiential Impacts of Cognitive Function Tests upon Men with Dementia and Their Carers

Full text (PDF, file size: 497.32KB)


James Boardman, Helen Combes, John Sorensen and Rhiannon S Bennett

Associations Between Trait Emotional Intelligence and Clinical Leadership Behaviour Among Trainee and Clinical Psychologists

Full text (PDF, file size: 245.65KB)

Phillip Brawn, Helen Combes and Naomi Ellis

Football Narratives:  Recovery and Mental Health

Full text (PDF, file size: 455.87KB)

Peter Kevern and Ivan Ladbury

Resource implications of a measured change in patient wellbeing: a retrospective cohort analysis study

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Reflective Articles

Laura Newman, Alan Kemp and Fern Basnett

Going Full Circle - The Transition from Service User to Student Social Worker

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Alan Kemp

My Speech

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