Procedia Computer Science

Volume 94, 2016, Pages 183-189
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Procedia Computer Science

Studying the Energy Consumption in Mobile Devices

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In the last few years, it is noticed that mobile smart devices are becoming very essential component of our daily life. The smart phones can do a variety of very useful jobs. In addition to make calls, they can be used to create and share multimedia files, run very useful applications and do data processing. But those devices suffer from some limitations including limited storage and processing capacity and short battery life time due to energy drain which is noticed to be increased when running applications that require intensive computations on the mobile devices. In this paper, the literature is searched for related work, and the power consumption is measured experimentally for different components of two common brands of smart phones, namely, Galaxy Note3 and Sony Xperia Z2. The measurements are done using applications that measures the power consumed in each component of the phone. The obtained results are presented to get more accurate understanding of how these components participate to the overall power consumption of the smart phone. Also, this work can be used in the future to propose better techniques to reduce the energy consumption by the smart phones.


Mobile device
Energy Consumption
Wireless Networks

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