Jill Dando

/ 22 December 2015

Jill Dando died after being brutally shot in the head on her doorstep in Fulham in broad daylight.Intense media coverage followed the news of Dando’s murder and several lines of enquiry were pursued. These included theories that she had been killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend and theories of mistaken identity and as well as the idea that somebody had hired an assassin to murder the woman who had become a public figure in revenge for a ‘Crimewatch’ conviction.Following a trial at the Old Bailey, 40-year-old Barry George, a local man with a history of sexual offences and stalking of women was found guilty of the murder of Jill Dando and sentenced to life.After two unsuccessful appeals, a third appeal quashed his original conviction and resulted in his acquittal in 2009. This film explores the evidence and circumstances behind one of the most famous unsolved crimes in the UK.