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Harrison, Eleanor Grace, REILING, Kevin, HALFPENNY, Richard and GWINNETT, Claire (2024) The effects of polyester microfibres on the development and seed yield of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.). Frontiers in Environmental Science, 12. ISSN 2296-665X

GWINNETT, Claire and Miller, R.Z. (2021) Are we contaminating our samples? A preliminary study to investigate procedural contamination during field sampling and processing for microplastic and anthropogenic microparticles. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 173. p. 113095. ISSN 0025326X

GWINNETT, Claire, Osborne, Amy O. and JACKSON, Andrew (2021) The application of tape lifting for microplastic pollution monitoring. Environmental Advances, 5. p. 100066. ISSN 2666-7657

GWINNETT, Claire, HARRISON, Eleanor, OSBORNE, Amy, Pivato, Alberto and Varghese, George (2021) Environmental Forensic: Sampling microplastics for Environmental Forensic applications. Detritus, 14. I-III. ISSN 2611-4135

Pivato, Alberto, GWINNETT, Claire and Varghese, George (2020) ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS: Environmental crime scene analysis. Detritus, 12. I-II. ISSN 2611-4135

Pivato, Alberto, GWINNETT, Claire and Varghese, George (2020) Environmental forensic: ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS: THE WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? AND HOW? Detritus, 10. III-IV. ISSN 2611-4135

WILKINSON, Laura, BAILEY, J. William and GWINNETT, Claire (2020) The creation of an assessment tool for the analysis of two forms of heat damage in animal hair. Forensic Science International, 312. ISSN 0379-0738

WILKINSON, Laura and GWINNETT, Claire (2020) An international survey into the analysis and interpretation of microscopic hair evidence by forensic hair examiners. Forensic Science International, 308. ISSN 0379-0738

Rivers, Molly, GWINNETT, Claire and Woodall, Lucy (2019) Quantification is more than counting: actions required to accurately quantify and report isolated marine microplastics. Marine Pollution Bulletin. pp. 100-104. ISSN 0025-326x

Jones, Z, GWINNETT, Claire and JACKSON, Andrew (2018) The effect of tape type, taping method and tape storage temperature on the retrieval rate of fibres from various surfaces: An example of data generation and analysis to facilitate trace evidence recovery validation and optimisation. Science and Justice. ISSN 1355-0306 (In Press)

Woodall, Lucy C., Jungblut, Anna D., Hopkins, Kevin, Hall, Andie, Robinson, Laura F., GWINNETT, Claire and Paterson, Gordon L. J. (2018) Deep-sea anthropogenic macrodebris harbours rich and diverse communities of bacteria and archaea. PLOS ONE, 13 (11). ISSN 1932-6203

Tremori, Talia, Monteiro Garcia, Fernanda, Montoya Flórez, Luis Mauricio, Picado Gonçalves, Bianca, Ferraz de Camargo, Barbara, GWINNETT, Claire, Teixeira, Carlos and Sousa Rocha, Noeme (2018) Hair Analysis of Mammals of Brazilian Wildlife for Forensic Purposes. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 8 (3). pp. 335-345. ISSN 2161-7627

Birch, I, GWINNETT, Claire and Walker, J (2018) Aiding the interpretation of forensic gait analysis: Development of a features of gait database. Science and Justice, 58 (1). pp. 78-82. ISSN 1355-0306

GWINNETT, Claire, CASSELLA, John, Rogers, Daniel, Daal, Keanu, Nguyen, H, de Botselier, E and Rowland, C (2017) FIBRE TRANSFER AND PERSISTENCE STUDIES: ARE WE CONTAMINATING OUR SCENES OF CRIME SUITS? Forensic Science International, 277. pp. 1-257.

Sadeer, N, PARTRIDGE, Julian and GWINNETT, Claire (2017) Recovery and Analysis of Diazepam from Dried Blood Stains. CSEye. pp. 8-20.

Parsons, Robin, Bates, Lauren, WALTON-WILLIAMS, Laura, FIELDHOUSE, Sarah and GWINNETT, Claire (2016) DNA from Fingerprints: Attempting Dual Recovery. CSEye, 6 (Oct). pp. 8-17.

Burgess, Kurstie-Lauren, LAMONT, Neil and GWINNETT, Claire (2016) Ignitable liquid recovery from hands. CSeye. pp. 22-27.

Taylor, M, GWINNETT, Claire, Robinson, L and Woodall, L (2016) Plastic microfibre ingestion by deep-sea organisms. Scientific Reports, 6 (33997). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2045-2322

FIELDHOUSE, Sarah and GWINNETT, Claire (2016) The design and implementation of a proficiency test for assessors of fingermark quality, to facilitate collaborative practise in fingermark research. Science & Justice. ISSN 1355-0306

woodall, l, GWINNETT, Claire, Packer, M, Thompson, R, Robinson, L and Paterson, G (2015) Using a forensic science approach to minimize environmental contamination and to identify microfibres in marine sediments. Marine Pollution Bulletin. ISSN 0025-326x

JACKSON, Andrew and GWINNETT, Claire (2013) Easylift: A novel tape lifting system. Interfaces, 73. pp. 22-23. ISSN 1526-551X

Book Chapter, Section or Conference Proceeding

GWINNETT, Claire and Robson, Roger (2018) The Use of Light in the Analysis of Glass. In: Light in Forensic Science: Issues and Applications. Royal Society of Chemistry. ISBN 9781782627685

GWINNETT, Claire (2017) The Design and Implementation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Forensic Science Assessment. In: Forensic Science Education and Training: A Tool‐kit for Lecturers and Practitioner Trainers. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, pp. 269-300. ISBN 9781118689233

GWINNETT, Claire (2016) Forensic Examination of Animal Hair. In: Practical Veterinary Forensics. CABI. ISBN 9781780642949

Monograph or Report

JACKSON, Andrew and GWINNETT, Claire (2021) An observational study using the Impact Point approach to measure the utility of digital forensic science in online child sexual exploitation cases. Research report for external body. Home Office.

Catling, Grace, SQUIRES, Kirsty and GWINNETT, Claire (2016) Is Pork a Suitable Substitute for Human Flesh in Cadaver Dog Training? Discussion Paper. CSEye.

Conference or Workshop Item

Lehan, Samantha, CASSELLA, John, LAMONT, Neil and GWINNETT, Claire (2017) Bacterial Succession of the Aquatic Necrobiome as an Indicator of Post Mortem Submersion Interval. In: ECS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM, 19 APRIL 2017 | 10:30 – 18:00, UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER, LONDON.

Lehan, S, CASSELLA, John, GWINNETT, Claire and Williams, D (2016) Bacterial Succession of the Aquatic Necrobiome as an Indicator of Post Mortem Submersion Interval. In: Forensic Research and Teaching Conference, July 2016, Glasgow.

JACKSON, Andrew and GWINNETT, Claire (2015) Sampling for Trace Evidence at Points of Entry: �Can We Improve This? In: The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences Autumn Conference, 5-6 November 2015, The Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel.

FIELDHOUSE, Sarah and GWINNETT, Claire (2015) The design and implementation of a proficiency test for assessors of fingermark quality. In: The International Association for Identification Conference, 9th-11th October 2015, Leicester, UK.

GWINNETT, Claire, JIRA, Paul and VERNON, Wesley (2015) The Investigation into a Cost Effective Method for Retrieving Barefoot Print Control Samples for the Development of a Barefoot Print Database. In: 7th European Academy of Forensic Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.

GWINNETT, Claire and JACKSON, Andrew (2015) Easylift Three Years On: Use of this Novel Tapelifting System for Fibres Evidence Screening and Ventures into Automated Fibre Finding. In: 7th European Academy of Forensic Sciences, 6-11th September 2015, Prague, Czech Republic.

FIELDHOUSE, Sarah and GWINNETT, Claire (2015) The Design and Implementation of a Proficiency Test for Assessors of Fingermark Quality. In: The Fingerprint Society Conference, 27th-29th March 2015, Leicester, UK.

KING, Ian and GWINNETT, Claire (2011) The Investigation into using E-learning Technology as an Improved Delivery Method of Forensic Science Education for the CPD of Lawyers. In: British & Irish Legal Education & technology Association Annual Conference, 11-12 April 2011, Manchester Metropolitan University. (Unpublished)



Staffordshire University (JACKSON, Andrew and GWINNETT, Claire) (2014) Improved Apparatus and Methods for the Optical Examination of Birefringent Specimens. .

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