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Abazi-Alili, Hyrije, HASHI, Iraj, Rexhepi, Gadaf, Ramadani, Veland and Kallmuenzer, Andreas (2024) Unravelling open innovation determinants and firm performance relationships in CEE and SEE countries. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. ISSN 1355-2554

Alam, Jobair (2024) Assessment and Feedback in Law: Learning from the Best Practices of the UK Higher Education. In: Assessment and Feedback in Law, 13 March 2024, Asia Pacific Institute of Information and Technology, Sri Lanka.

Alam, Jobair (2024) The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill: Are the UK’s Rwanda asylum moves going to undercut the core human rights protections for the Refugees? In: Society of Legal Scholars, 115th Annual Conference, 3-5 Sep 2024, University of Bristol. (In Press)

Alam, Jobair and Hasan, Md Naimul (2024) Nationality, statelessness, and human rights: Does ‘everyone’ really have the right to nationality under Article 15 of the UDHR? In: Human Rights after 75 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Reflections from the Global South. Brill. (In Press)

Alam, Jobair and Spence, Samantha (2024) The impact of religious (mis)interpretation and cultural relativism on the accusations of witchcraft: An example of human rights violation from the Global South. In: International Conference on Witchcraft and Human Rights, past, present and future: Implementing UN Resolution 47/8, 19-20 Sept 2024, Lancaster University, UK. (In Press)

Alam, Md Jobair (2024) ‘Neither Repatriation, nor Resettlement, nor Local Integration’: Is the ‘Responsibility-Sharing’ Only Alternative Tool for the Solution of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh? In: CCJS Seminar Series, 26.04.2023, Staffordshire University. (In Press)

Alam, Md Jobair, Hasan, Md Naimul and Mannan, Sonia (2024) COVID-19 and healthcare as a human right in Bangladesh: The way forward. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work. ISSN 2365-1792

Alam, Md Jobair, Hasan, Naimul and Reza, Tasnim Nusrat (2024) BANGLADESH GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS REPORTS OF THE INGOS: AN EXAMPLE OF ‘INFORMATION POLITICS’ FROM THE GLOBAL SOUTH. In: Human Rights Strategies; Benefits and Drawbacks. Edward Elgar Publishing, UK. (In Press)

Andrikopoulou, Elisavet, CHATZISTERGOS, Panagiotis and CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan (2024) Exploring the Pathways of Diabetes Foot Complications Treatment and Investigating Experiences From Frontline Health Care Professionals: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Research Protocols, 13. e54852. ISSN 1929-0748

BIRD, Thomas (2024) A mixed methods approach for addressing issues of consent in sexual assaults. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

BOEHM, Carola, ADEFILA, Arinola and WELIKALA, Thushari (2024) From “whiteness” to the privilege continuum: Contemplating EDI, its language and how it supports researcher careers. Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 11 (3). ISSN 2053-9665 (In Press)

BURTON, Amy, OWEN, Alison, TAYLOR, Jennifer, DEAN, Sarah, Cartlidge, Emily, Wright, Emma and Gallagher, Nikki (2024) Evaluation of Environmental Features that Support Breastfeeding: A Photovoice Study. Appetite.

BURTON, Amy, OWEN, Alison, TAYLOR, Jennifer, LINDSAY-WILES, Isobel, HEYES, Jo, CUST, Fiona and PAGE, Sarah (2024) Stakeholder perspectives on research, policy and practice priorities to increase human milk feeding rates in the United Kingdom. Journal of Human Lactation. ISSN 1552-5732 (In Press)

Barnett, N.J., Giovannini, A. and GRIGGS, Steven (2024) Serial Adapters? Local Government Chief Officers and the Navigation of Space and Time. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space. ISSN 2399-6544

Bhogal, Manpal Singh, OWEN, Alison and Rhead, Courtney (2024) The role of self-perceived mate value and intrasexual competitiveness in tanning behaviour. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. ISSN 2330-2933 (In Press)

Bibi, Hridhya, Ayaz, Muhammad Ashar, AMJAD, Anas, Iqbal, Muhammad Naveed and Khan, Irfan (2024) Simulation of Lithium-Ion Battery in Electric Vehicles and Analysis of Performance, Ageing, and Temperature Effects. In: 2024 IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC) 12-13 Feb. 2024. IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC) . IEEE, pp. 1-6. ISBN 979-8-3503-3120-2

Bryce, Carl, POVEY, Rachel, OLIVER, Mike and COOKE, Richard (2024) Effective Interventions to Reduce Burnout in Social Workers: A Systematic Review. The British Journal of Social Work. ISSN 1468-263X (In Press)

Burgess, Ian, OWEN, Alison, Scholtens, Keira and Grogan, Sarah (2024) Men’s Experiences of a Personalised, Appearance-based, Facial-morphing, Safer Drinking Intervention. Journal of Health Psychology. ISSN 1461-7277

Burton-Fisher, William and GORDON, Kim (2024) Holding the hope? Therapist and client perspectives on long COVID recovery: A Q-methodology. British Journal of Health Psychology. ISSN 1359-107X

Butalia, R, Miller, Anthony, Steffens, N, Haslam, S. A, Bruner, M, McLaren, C, Boen, F, SLATER, Matthew, Dunn, K and Fransen, K (2024) Measuring leadership in sport: Development and validation of the Identity Leadership Inventory – Youth (ILI-Y). Psychology of Sport and Exercise. ISSN 1878-5476

Butt, Muhammad Mohsin, Wilkins, Stephen, HAZZAM, Joe and Marder, Ben (2024) Rollover service contracts: the influences of perceived value, convenience, confusion and switching costs on consumer satisfaction and service loyalty. Journal of Strategic Marketing. pp. 1-21. ISSN 0965-254X

COLECLOUGH, Sharon (2024) Prohibited spaces as location of in-betweeness. In: Inbetweeness of Play - DIGRA Britain and DIGRA Brazil, 11/04/24 to 13/04/24, London and Online. (Unpublished)

COWAP, Lisa, RILEY, Victoria, Grogan, Sarah, ELLIS, Naomi, Crone, Diane, Cottrell, Elizabeth, Chambers, Ruth, CLARK-CARTER, David and GIDLOW, Christopher (2024) “They are saying it's high, but I think it's quite low”: Exploring cardiovascular disease risk communication in NHS Health Checks through video-stimulated recall interviews with patients – A qualitative study. BMC Primary Care. ISSN 2731-4553

Calvert, Sian, Dempsey, Robert and Povey, Rachel (2024) A qualitative evaluation of an in-school Social Norms Approach intervention for reducing unhealthy snacking behaviours amongst secondary school students. British Food Journal, 126 (7). pp. 2970-2981. ISSN 0007-070X

Crawford, Joel, Jones, Andrew, Rose, Abi and Cooke, Richard (2024) I can’t believe I missed that! How the fear of missing out impacts on alcohol behaviours. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 258. p. 111273. ISSN 1879-0046

Cucciniello, Charlotte and MELIA, Yvonne (2024) A fight to work with families, rather than against them: exploring social workers’ experiences of working within the Family Safeguarding Model; an IPA analysis. Journal of Child Public Welfare. ISSN 1554-8740

DALGLEISH, Mat and Payne, Chris (2024) In-between instrument and immediacy: Guitar Hero and the instrument-inspired. In: In-Betweenness of Play (British DIGRA), 11-13th April 2024, Staffordshire University London Digital Institute Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Here East, London E20 3BS. (Unpublished)

DALGLEISH, Mathew (2024) Beneath the Front Panel, Accessibility? Revisiting the Commercial Modular Synthesizer in the age of NIME. In: Commercial Electronic Musical Instruments in 21st Century Music Practice, 9-10 September 2024, University of West London, St. Mary’s Road, Ealing, London W5 5RF..

EDDISON, Nicola, HEALY, Aoife, LEONE, Enza, Jackson, Caroline, Pluckrose, Bracken and CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan (2024) The UK prosthetic and orthotic workforce: current status and implications for the future. Human Resources for Health, 22 (1). ISSN 1478-4491

Eaton, Steven (2024) “Running in the Rain”: Exploring Psychological Resilience and Trauma Management in Challenging, and Potentially Traumatic, Environments. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

FRANCIS, Anna (2024) APPG for ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods session on arts and culture-led regeneration. In: Arts and culture-led regeneration, 5th March 2024, 1 Parliament Street, UK Parliament, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Figgins, S, SLATER, Matthew, Smith, M, Miller, Anthony, Sharpe, B, Pocock, C and Maiden, J (2024) Promote ‘we’ to inspire me: Examining the roles of group identification and trust in the association between identity leadership and follower inspiration. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. ISSN 1557-251X

Figgins, Sean, SLATER, Matthew, Smith, Matthew, Miller, Anthony, Sharpe, Benjamin, Pocock, Chris and Maiden, James (2024) Promote “we” to inspire me: examining the roles of group identification and trust in the association between identity leadership and follower inspiration. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. ISSN 1557-251X

GIDLOW, Christopher, SAMS, Lorna, BUCKLESS, Kim, ELLIS, Naomi, Duffy, Helen, Lambley-Burke, Ruth, Campbell, Paul, Dziedzic, Krysia, Brookes, Matthew, CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan, Devall, Pam and Mallen, Christian (2024) “We have to change our mindsets”: A qualitative study of barriers and facilitators in research collaboration across Integrated Care System organisations. BMC Health Services Research.

GOHARI DARABKHANI, Hamidreza and ONWUEMEZIE, Linus (2024) Thermophotovoltaics (TPVs), solar and wind assisted hydrogen production and utilisation in iron and steel industry for low carbon productions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 443 (140893). ISSN 0959-6526

Giovannini, Arianna and Griggs, Steven (2024) Addressing the Elephant in the Room: What's the Local in Local Government Studies? Local Government Studies. ISSN 0300-3930

Grumley Traynor, Imogen Elizabeth and RYDON-GRANGE, Michelle (2024) Examining correlates of police officers’ attitudes towards seeking mental health support: A scoping review. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles.. ISSN 1740-5599

Grzybowska, Katarzyna, STURDY COLLS, Caroline, COLLS, Kevin and Sendyka, Roma (2024) ‘Getting closer to the place’: Stakeholder experiences and impact during archaeological research at Sobibór. In: Archaeology of Destruction: Investigations at Sobibor. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences., NIOD. (In Press)

Guarnizo-Herreño, Carol C, Stennett, Michelle and ROSS, Al (2024) Unheard Voices on Oral Health: Qualitative Research with Disadvantaged Communities. In: 102nd General Session & Exhibition of the IADR 53rd Annual Meeting of the AADOCR 48th Annual Meeting of the CADR., March 13-16, 2024, New Orleans, USA. (In Press)

HASAN, MN, IBRAHIM, K, CHOWDHURY, M, RAHMAN, M, ASADUZZAMAN, Md, BILLAH, Masum, BANU, L, ALAM, M, ATIK, A, TRAORE, T, UDDIN, M, GALIZI, R, RUSSO, I, ZUMLA, A and HAIDER, N (2024) Two decades of endemic dengue in Bangladesh (2000–2022): trends, seasonality, and impact of temperature and rainfall patterns on transmission dynamics. Journal of Medical Entomology. ISSN 0022-2585

HAZZAM, Joe, Wilkins, Stephen, SINGH, Bharati and Ibrahim, Blend (2024) The drivers and outcomes of postgraduate students' adoption and use of LinkedIn Learning. Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

HAZZAM, Joe, Wilkins, Stephen, SOUTHALL, Carol and Ibrahim, Blend (2024) The influence of LinkedIn group community on postgraduate student experience, satisfaction and grades. Computers & Education, 216. p. 105052.

HUDSON, John (2024) Fear not; using Artificial Intelligence within creative courses. In: Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2024: AI for All: Using Generative AI to build ethical and sustainable student learning journeys, 27/2/2024, theStudio, Birmingham.

Harrison, Eleanor Grace, REILING, Kevin, HALFPENNY, Richard and GWINNETT, Claire (2024) The effects of polyester microfibres on the development and seed yield of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.). Frontiers in Environmental Science, 12. ISSN 2296-665X

Hetherington, Janet and FORRESTER, Gillian (2024) Illusionary, silencing and civilising - (un)democratic practices in school governance. Journal of Education Policy. ISSN 0268-0939 (In Press)

Hunt, Joanne, RUNACRES, Jessica, HERRON, Daniel and Sheffield, David (2024) Exploring the Experience of Healthcare-Related Epistemic Injustice among People with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Qualitative Report, 29 (4). pp. 1125-1148. ISSN 1052-0147

IMAMI, Drini, Lami, Endrit and PUGH, Geoff (2024) Fiscal Enforcement and Elections in the context of high corruption. Public Finance Review. ISSN 1091-1421 (In Press)

Ibrahim, Blend, HAZZAM, Joe, Qalati, Sikandar Ali, Aljarah, Ahmad and DOBSON, Paul (2024) Building a tribe on Instagram: How User-generated and Firm-created Content can drive brand evangelism and fidelity. Journal of Marketing Communications. ISSN 1352-7266

JALILI-IDRISSI, Arta (2024) Emerging penality: Shifting ideologies, reconciliations and clashes. Theoretical Criminology. ISSN 1461-7439

Jafari, Negar, Salesi, Mohsen, SOLTANI, Pooya and Fazeli, Davoud (2024) The effects of acute caffeine ingestion on decision-making and pass accuracy in young soccer players: A preliminary randomized controlled trial. Behavioural Brain Research, 457. p. 114732. ISSN 0166-4328

Jawhar, Sabria Salama, Amir, Alia, Ul-Huq, Rizwan and STEWART, Simon (2024) Collaborative Problem Solving and Literacy Practices: A Conversation-Analytic Case Study of Children's Online Pre-gaming Interaction. Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality, 7 (1). ISSN 2446-3620

KARADAG, Paige, Abdin, Shanara and BURTON, Amy (2024) A four-week remote group intervention to increase cervical cancer screening. Behavioural Science and Public Health.

KHAN, Muhammad, ONWUEMEZIE, Linus and GOHARI DARABKHANI, Hamidreza (2024) Low-carbon fuelled MGT-CHP system coupled with PEM electrolyser and fuel cell units: A fuel flexibility and performance study. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 58. pp. 1277-1283. ISSN 1879-3487

Lawson, Michael (2024) The Efficacy of Utilising a GPS-based Inertial Measurement Unit to Conduct Biomechanical Analysis During Running. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

Leech, Kate, RODHAM, Karen, BURTON, Amy and HUGHES, Traceyanne (2024) Understanding weight gain in female prisoners. International Journal of Prisoner Health. ISSN 1744-9200 (In Press)

Lutta, Pantaleon (2024) An Internet of Things Forensics Framework Validated by Machine Learning. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

MCKENNA, Mark (2024) Don't be afraid, It's only business: Rethinking the video nasties moral panic in Thatcher’s Britain. In: The Screen Censorship Companion: Critical Explorations in the Control of Film and Screen Media. University of Exeter Press, Exeter. ISBN 9781804130667

MCKENNA, Mark (2024) Murder in an Attention Economy: Media, Celebrity and the Prosecution of Luka Magnotta. In: Socety for Cinema and Media Studies conference (SCMS), 13/03/24 - 17/03/24, Boston Sheraton. (Unpublished)

Mansi, Mahmoud K., CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan and CHATZISTERGOS, Panagiotis (2024) The enhanced paper grip test can substantially improve community screening for the risk of falling. Gait and Posture, 108. pp. 157-163. ISSN 0966-6362

McKenna, Mark (2024) Balancing Heritage and Progress: Reimagining the Potteries as a Centre for Digital Film Production. In: Staffordshire University’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise Conference 2024, Tuesday 11th June, The Catalyst. (Unpublished)

Miltiadou, Marina (2024) Teaching Music Visually – Transcendence and Flow in Visually Augmented Music Pedagogy: Towards an Educational Practice Using Kandinsky’s and Csikszentmihalyi’s Concepts of Mindfulness as a Way of Teaching and Experiencing Music to Adolescents. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

Mohammad Amin, Sohrabi, Fatemeh, Zare-Mirakabad, Saeed, Shiri Ghidary, Mahsa, Saadat and Seyed-Ali, Sadegh-Zadeh (2024) A novel data augmentation approach for influenza a subtype prediction based on HA proteins. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 172. p. 108316. ISSN 1879-0534

Mohammadi, Vahid, Shahbad, Ramin, Hosseini, Mojtaba, Gholampour, ,Mohammad Hossein, SHIRY GHIDARY, Saeed, Najafi, Farshid and Behboodi, Ahmad (2024) Development of a Two-Finger Haptic Robotic Hand with Novel Stiffness Detection and Impedance Control. Sensors, 24 (8). p. 2585. ISSN 1424-8220

NOROOZI FAKHABI, Amin, HASAN, Mohammad, Ravan, Maryam, Norouzi, Elham and LAW, Ying-Ying (2024) An efficient machine learning approach for extracting eSports players’ distinguishing features and classifying their skill levels using symbolic transfer entropy and consensus nested cross validation. International Journal of Data Science and Analytics. ISSN 2364-4168

Nazir, Nargis and KEVERN, Peter (2024) Understanding and Awareness of Dementia in the Pakistani-Origin Community of Stoke-on-Trent, UK: A Scenario-Based Interview Study. Healthcare, 12 (2). p. 251. ISSN 2227-9032

Nyakudya, Frederick W, Mickiewicz, Tomasz and Theodorakopoulos, Nicholas (2024) The moderating role of individual and social resources in gender effect on entrepreneurial growth aspirations. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. ISSN 1355-2554 (In Press)

O'CONNOR, Patrick (2024) "Screening Solidarity: Possible Lives in the Films of the Dardenne Brothers.". In: Herausforderung Solidarität Konzepte – Kontroversen – Perspektiven. Transcript, pp. 77-95. ISBN 978-3-8394-6101-3

O'CONNOR, Patrick (2024) Spiritual Cinema: Agel, Merleau-Ponty and the Cinematic Real. Journal of Religion and Film, 28 (1). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1092-1311

O'Sullivan-Hayes, Stacey and MELIA, Yvonne (2024) A heavy weight, yet empowering: Grandparent Special Guardians lived experience of the role and family dynamics: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Adoption and Fostering. ISSN 0308-5759

ONWUEMEZIE, Linus and GOHARI DARABKHANI, Hamidreza (2024) Biohydrogen production from solar and wind assisted AF-MEC coupled with MFC, PEM electrolysis of H2O and H2 fuel cell for small-scale applications. Renewable Energy, 224. p. 120160. ISSN 0960-1481

ONWUEMEZIE, Linus and GOHARI DARABKHANI, Hamidreza (2024) Oxy-hydrogen, solar and wind assisted hydrogen (H2) recovery from municipal plastic waste (MPW) and saltwater electrolysis for better environmental systems and ocean cleanup. Energy, 301. p. 131601. ISSN 03605442

ONWUEMEZIE, Linus and GOHARI DARABKHANI, Hamidreza (2024) Solar and wind assisted biohydrogen production from integrated anaerobic digestion and microbial electrolysis cell coupled with catalytic reforming. Energy Conversion and Management, 305. p. 118224. ISSN 0196-8904

PAGE, Sarah (2024) Using the participatory approach of World Café with adaptions to capture crime experiences and crime prevention solutions in the UK. In: Research Handbook on Youth Criminology. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Sydney. (In Press)

PAYLING, Dave and ESTIBEIRO, Marc (2024) Circle Traces. [Video]

Payne, Chris, DALGLEISH, Mathew and HEADLEAND, Christopher (2024) Tyg: A Single-Screen Environment for “Couch Co-Op” Multiplayer Music-Making. In: Noisefloor 2024, 27th-28th May 2024, Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal..

ROMANO-SMITH, Stephanie, Roberts, James, Miller, Anthony and Wakefield, Caroline (2024) Theoretical explanations and the availability of information for learning via combined action observation and motor imagery: A commentary on Eaves et al. (2022). Psychological Research. ISSN 1430-2772

RUNACRES, Jessica, HARVEY, Hannah, O'BRIEN, Samuel and HALCK, Amy (2024) Paramedics as researchers: A systematic review of paramedic perspectives of engaging in research activity from training to practice. The Journal of Emergency Medicine. ISSN 1090-1280 (In Press)

SCHRADER, Tanya, JOLLEY, Daniel, JOLLEY, Richard and KRAHENBUHL, Sarah (2024) Upholding social hierarchies: Social Dominance Orientation moderates the link between (intergroup) conspiracy exposure and violent extremism. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. ISSN 1461-7188

SHAFIQUE, Tamoor, SOLIMAN, Abdel-Hamid and AMJAD, Anas (2024) Data Traffic Based Shape Independent Adaptive Unequal Clustering for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. IEEE Access, 12. pp. 46422-46443. ISSN 2169-3536

SOLTANI, Pooya and Morice, Antoine H. P. (2024) Masterful defense vs. rookie fumbles: How do expert air hockey champs on mobile reveal their skills through posture & touch? In: 42nd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports, Salzburg, Austria. July 15-19, 2024. Proceedings of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports - ISBS . ISBS. (In Press)

SPENCE, Samantha (2024) Witchcraft Accusations and Gender Inequality with Dr. Samantha Spence. [Audio]

SPENCE, Samantha and Suresh, Naveen (2024) Addressing the Legal Gap: Implementing Unified Anti-Superstition Laws in India. International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM), 12 (2). pp. 1809-1818. ISSN 2455-6211

SPENCE, Samantha and Suresh, Naveen (2024) Dowry Practices in Kerala: Trends, Implications, and Socio-Legal Perspectives. Indian Journal of Integrated Research in Law, 4 (1). pp. 1049-1070. ISSN 2583-0538

SPENCE, Samantha and Suresh, Naveen (2024) Exploring the Intersection of Witchcraft Accusations and Sex Education in India: Challenges, Implications, and Opportunities. International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM), 12 (2). pp. 1819-1827. ISSN 2455-6211

SPENCE, Samantha and Suresh, Naveen (2024) Safeguarding Our Daughters: Tackling Female Infanticide And Foeticide In India Through Legal And Social Perspectives. Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research, 6 (1). pp. 2699-2713. ISSN 2582-8878

SQUIRES, Kirsty, DAVIDSON, Alison, COOPER, Simon, Viner, Mark, Hoban, Wayne, Loynes, Robert, Zesch, Stephaine, Rosendahl, Wilfred, Lindaur, Susanne, Greco, Caterina and Piombino-Mascali, Dario (2024) A multidisciplinary investigation of a mummified Egyptian head and analysis of its associated resinous material from the Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum in Palermo (Sicily). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. ISSN 2352-4103

SQUIRES, Kirsty, DAVIDSON, Alison and Piombino-Mascali, Dario (2024) Public attitudes towards the display of non-adult mummies in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily. International Journal of Heritage Studies. ISSN 1352-7258

SQUIRES, Kirsty, DAVIDSON, Alison, Pringle, Jamie, Hillman, Jenny and Chenery, Simon (2024) The Use of Trace Element Analysis to Understand Burial Environments from Nineteenth Century Newchapel, Staffordshire. In: Staffordshire University Research, Innovation and Enterprise Conference 2024, 11 June 2024, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.

SQUIRES, Kirsty, Piombino-Mascali, Dario and Zink, Albert (2024) Ethical challenges in the bioanthropological and biomedical investigation of Sicilian mummies: past experience and future pathways. American Journal of Biological Anthropology. ISSN 2692-7691

SQUIRES, Kirsty, Viner, Mark, Hoban, Wayne, Loynes, Robert, Van Schaik, Katherine and Piombino-Mascali, Dario (2024) Changing Perspectives Through Research: An Exploration of How Research Can Enhance Local and Visitor Understanding of the Mummified Remains in the Capuchin Catacombs, Palermo (Sicily). In: Staffordshire University Research, Innovation and Enterprise Conference 2024, 11 June 2024, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.

SQUIRES, Kirsty, Viner, Mark, Hoban, Wayne, Loynes, Robert, Van Shaik, Katherine and Piombino-Mascali, Dario (2024) Unveiling the Identities of the Juvenile Mummies from the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily. In: 93rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists, 20-23 March 2024, Los Angeles (CA), USA.

STUBBS, Andrew (2024) The Talent Management of Indie Authorship: From American independent cinema and short “films” to pay-TV and streaming. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, Scotland. ISBN 9781474482646 (In Press)

Sabra, Ghina Muhieddine (2024) Employee Engagement: A Lebanese Bank Contextual Understanding. Doctoral thesis, Staffordshire University.

Sadegh-Zadeh, Seyed-Ali (2024) Artificial intelligence approaches for tinnitus diagnosis: leveraging high-frequency audiometry data for enhanced clinical predictions. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 7. ISSN 2624-8212

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Selvanose, Smitha Mol, MARIMUTHU, Siva, AWAN, Abdul Waheed and Daniel, Kamran (2024) NACA 2412 Drag Reduction Using V-Shaped Riblets. Eng, 5 (2). pp. 944-957. ISSN 2673-4117

Smith, C, McMahon, A, ROSS, Al, Inman, G, Lyall, D, Goulart, M, Gormley, M, Dudding, T, ARCAGE, Study Group, Brennan, P, Virani, S and Conway, D (2024) Epidemiology and risk prediction modelling of head and neck cancer. In: British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists (BAHNO) Annual Scientific Meeting, 17th May 2024, London UK. (In Press)

Smith, CDL, McMahon, AD, Lyall, DM, Goulart, M, Inman, GJ, ROSS, Al, Gormley, M, Duddling, T, Macfarlane, GJ, Robinson, M, Richiardi, L, Serraino, D, Polesel, J, Canova, C, Ahrens, W, Healy, CM, Lagiou, P, Holcatova, I, Alemany, L, Znoar, A, Waterboer, T, Brennan, P, Virani, S and Conway, DI (2024) Development and external validation of a head and neck cancer risk prediction model. Head and Neck. ISSN 1097-0347 (In Press)

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Swann-Thomas, Bee, OWEN, Alison and BUCKLEY, Emily (2024) A Narrative Systematic Review into the Literature on Memorial Tattoos. Mortality. ISSN 1357-6275

TONNA, Redent, CHATZISTERGOS, Panagiotis, Wyatt, Otis and CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan (2024) Reliability and Validity of Shore Hardness in Plantar Soft Tissue Biomechanics. Sensors, 24. ISSN 1424-3210

TONNA, Redent, CHATZISTERGOS, Panagiotis, Wyatt, Otis and CHOCKALINGAM, Nachiappan (2024) Reliability and Validity of Shore Hardness in Plantar Soft Tissue Biomechanics. Sensors, 24 (2). p. 539. ISSN 1424-8220

TREADWELL, James (2024) The Prison Firm: The ‘Transportation’ of Organised Crime, the Evolution of Criminal Markets and Contemporary Prisoner Society. Criminology and Criminal Justice. ISSN 1748-8958 (In Press)

TURNER, Martin, Costello, N., Miller, Anthony and WOOD, Andrew (2024) When not hitting your sales target is ‘the end of the world’: Examining the effects of rational emotive behaviour therapy on the irrational beliefs and emotional reactivity of UK‐based sales professionals. Stress and Health. e3391. ISSN 1532-3005

Traynor, Imogen Elizabeth Grumley, SCOTT, Helen and RYDON-GRANGE, Michelle (2024) Intrapersonal and Organisational Predictors of Psychological Help-Seeking in a UK Police Force. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology. ISSN 0882-0783

UDDIN, Shahab, NAWAZ, Tahir, FERRYMAN, James, RASHID, Nasir, ASADUZZAMAN, Md and NAWAZ, Raheel (2024) Skeletal Keypoint-Based Transformer Model for Human Action Recognition in Aerial Videos. IEEE Access, 12. ISSN 2169-3536

Uddin Khan, Borhan and Alam, Jobair (2024) Development of International Human Rights Law after the UDHR. In: Human Rights after 75 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Reflections from the Global South. Brill. (In Press)

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Walker, Wendy, Jones, Jennifer, Picken, Stacey, KEVERN, Peter and Efstathiou, Nikolaos (2024) Bereaved family experiences of a supported viewing service: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Bereavement. ISSN 2754-7833 (In Press)

Williamson, David, Pugh, Geoff and Akinbote, Mayowa (2024) A Compliance Return Method to Evaluate Different Approaches to Implementing Regulations: The Example of Food Hygiene Standards. Economics, 18 (1). ISSN 1864-6042

Yates, M, Mooney, J, Owen, CE, Mackie, SL, Falzon, L, Vab der Mass, A, Bolhuis, T, Bosch, P, Dejaco, C and Mcgee, M (2024) Patients experiences of Polymyalgia Rheumatica: a Qualitative Literature Synthesis Review. In: 21st International Vasculitis Workshop, 7th-10th April 2024, Barcelona. (In Press)

ZIARH, FG, CHUNG, ES, DEWAN, A, ASADUZZAMAN, Md, HAMED, MM, IQBAL, Z and SHAHID, S (2024) Monitoring Spatiotemporal Changes in Urban Flood Vulnerability of Peninsular Malaysia from Satellite Nighttime Light Data. Journal of Hydro-environment Research, 55. pp. 20-29. ISSN 1570-6443

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